At AlphaMed keeping up on the latest technology is a priority. Our state of the art vision systems give us the ability to ensure quality and consistency in our products. Our machines perform a full 360° inspection of bottles and caps using up to 15 high-resolution cameras ensuring detection of any possible defect.  Our systems inspect all aspects of our injection blow molding and injection molded products for material defects, such as contamination, burn spots, pin holes and color smears with speeds up to 500 objects per minute.

We inspect our injection molded blowing and injected molding bottles and caps for:


  • Burn Marks
  • Color Streaks
  • Bad cuts
  • Contamination
  • Sealing surface diameter and ovality
  • Choked Necks
  • Geometric Characteristics
  • Thin wall on the body panel and bottle base
  • Thread Diameter and Ovality


  • Burn marks
  • Color Streaks
  • Contamination
  • Short shots
  • Broken Caps
  • Thread Diameter and ovality
  • Liner Defects (Half cut, folded, contamination or no liner)

Leak Testers:

  • Holes
  • Sealing surface defects
  • Rocker Bottom


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